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Is your website struggling to gain traction online? Maybe you’ve had the same old neglected website for years or maybe your new website just doesn’t seem to be bringing in the results you want… Well. that’s where I come in.

As an Australian SEO consultant, I help business owners like you take their website from average at best… to skyrocketing their online presence while bringing in real business growth. While running your business is your priority, mine is making sure you have access to all the latest trends, updates & strategies in the world of Search Engine Optimisation & Digital marketing.

While I pride myself on having a holistic approach to SEO, below are just some of the key areas I can help you to optimise your online presence & get you found in search engines.

Organic SEO

Sky Rocket Your Online Visibility in Search Engines with SEO

Local SEO

Get Found In Your Local Area with Maps & Organic Searches

Technical SEO

Ensure Your Website Performs & Has Excellent User Experience

International SEO

Reaching People From Around The World Has Never Been Easier

SEO Copywriting

Ensure Your Websites Has Compelling Copy that Converts

YouTube SEO

Create Captivating YouTube Content That Ranks Organically

On & Off Page SEO

Is Your Website Optimised With both On-page & Off-page SEO?

Web Design & UX

Your Website Is Your First Impression. Make It A Good One

Digital Surfer Web Design

Work With Me As Your SEO Expert & Partner With Digital Surfer

Choosing an organic search consultant doesn’t need to be a hard decision. When you work with me, you’re not just hiring an SEO consultant. You’ll be partnering with a dedicated professional who is genuinely passionate about your success. With my proven expertise and my award-winning track record of helping businesses thrive online. You’ll be in excellent hands to grow your business’s online presence.

Working with me also means you’ll be partnering with Digital Surfer, A digital marketing agency that services all of Australia. Our ongoing partnership is dedicated to providing the best SEO for every client I take on personally.

Not Your Ordinary SEO Specialist

My experience as an SEO specialist speaks for itself. Time and time again, I have witnessed businesses achieve remarkable growth under my guidance. Whether it’s a significant increase in organic traffic, improved conversion rates, or a stronger brand presence, I am committed to delivering measurable and meaningful results that positively impact your bottom line.

A couple of my recent highlights of my success are my award-winning campaigns for Main Lawyers which won the “Best SEO Campaign” and Plus One Vet which won The “Best Local SEO Campaign” at the 2024 APAC Search Awards across the Asia-Pacific.

Through these campaigns, I was able to consult with my clients to create two unique digital strategies that were able to:

Skyrocketed a brand new vet clinic from 0 clients to opening their second vet clinic location in just 18 months by implementing a targeted location page strategy.

Increased organic traffic by 363% through the use of a detailed blog strategy & location-specific service pages.

Experienced SEO Consultant Australia

Experience Backed By Education

When it comes to digital marketing & SEO, I must admit that nothing can beat hands-on experience.

However, my experience is also backed by my education. I had the pleasure of studying in the United States at Western Michigan University, where I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Digital Marketing & eCommerce. WMU is one of a handful of universities that offers a designated Digital Marketing degree program.

Through my work experience and my studies, I am equipped with the latest knowledge & skills needed to excel in the dynamic digital marketing field. I also have numerous other qualifications & certificates in SEO, Paid Ads, Cert 3 in Media and more.

3x Award-Winning Marketer

While working hard to produce real results for all my clients is my passion. It’s always nice to be formally recognised for the blood, sweat & tears that I put into a client’s campaign.

The APAC Search Awards and Semrush Search Awards are the most recognised awards for the search marketing industry in the Asia-Pacific. Through my work at Digital Surfer and my own consulting clients, I am proud to be announced the winner of 3x campaign awards for “Best SEO Campaign”, “Best Local Campaign” & “Best Local SEO Campaign”.

I have also had over 15 campaigns named as finalists. More personally I am proud to have been a finalist for the Young Search Professional of the Year Award by Semrush and the APAC Search’s Rising Star Award.

While not every campaign that I work on can win an award, one thing that remains the same is my dedication to providing quality results to every client I work with.

Personalised SEO Service

Many SEO agencies & consultants are often guilty of taking shortcuts or outsourcing work to overseas companies in order to take on more and more clients.

When you choose me as your SEO partner, you get my full dedication and attention. I’m the person who you’ll communicate with, I’m the person who creates & implements the strategy, and I’m the person who will celebrate the wins & successes with you and your business.

While providing a more personalised service will benefit you, it means that I am limited in the number of clients I can take on. This is to ensure I am available to provide a high-quality & detailed campaign for every business I partner with.

APAC Awards Best SEO Campaign

Organic Search Consultant With Real Life Experience

While I’m proud of my awards, formal education & multiple certifications in digital marketing, nothing can beat time on the tools when it comes to SEO. The search industry is constantly evolving… every week I’m looking into the newest algorithm updates, and trends in the industry while testing new strategies on my own portfolio of sites to ensure I remain up to date.

Running my own website and managing several other sites allows me to experiment with different aspects of SEO and measure the impact on my site’s performance.

This ensures that when it comes to your website I will be able to apply the latest digital strategies to keep your business relevant in search engines.

Real-World Examples from Your Next Search Engine Optimisation Consultants

Plus One Vet - Organic Growth in First Year of Business

Plus One Vet Organic SEO Growth

Tropical Grazing - Added product schema allowing star rating to show in SERPs.

Tropical Grazing SEO review snippets

Main Lawyers - Blog Outranking QPS and Large Law Firms

Plus One Vet Organic SEO Growth

CFR - Capturing the Featured Snippet using quality blog content

CFR SEO Results

Hear Why I’m The Best SEO Consultant To Help Your Business Grow

While I have countless success stories I’d love to share with you, don’t just take my word for it. Read what some of my previous clients are saying about how I’ve been able to help them grow their online presence.

“It has just been such a walk-in-the-park process dealing with Ryan. His expertise and knowledge in SEO and web design is absolutely amazing. He has just helped me grow my business immensely.

I’ve had so many more leads coming through, and I would highly recommend Ryan to anybody needing help in this department. He is top-tier, he knows what he’s doing and he really listens to what you want…”

Tahlia’s Full Video Testimonial

Tahlia MacDonald

Founder & CEO, Tropical Grazing

I have just so appreciated Ryan. He is very approachable… It’s actually quite amazing what he has been able to achieve. Even within the first months of meeting with Ryan and just working with him, I just knew he was a great fit.

We had had previous experiences where it was nothing like this and Ryan has been a thought leader in the field … and is able to understand exactly what our needs are and how to change and diversify with all of the input that he puts into the work which we’ve really seen in our business.



Co-Owner, Pool Company

“Ryan stepped up to share his SEO expertise with one of my student groups… He provided them with a detailed overview of SEO best practices related to on-page, technical, off-page, and YouTube SEO.

I was really impressed with his “how to” slides with annotations so the students could navigate the SEO reporting output… He is a true professional and I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge with our students!”

Daniele Mathras

Associate Teaching Professor, North Eastern University

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant is a specialist in the field of Search Engine Optimisation who you partner with to help increase your websites visibility and drive targeted traffic from search engines like Google & Bing. SEO consulting allows you to get access to tailored strategies that support your unique business goals, ensuring long-term success in today’s competitive online market.

What Does An SEO Specialist Do?

An SEO specialist is a professional who optimises websites and web pages for search engines and users. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is the process of improving the visibility, relevance, and usability of online content in search engines like Google.

Why Do You Need An Organic SEO Consultant?

You may need an organic SEO consultant if you want expert help to improve your website’s rankings and visibility on search engines without paying for ads. Organic SEO refers to the natural or unpaid methods of optimising websites and web pages for search engines and users.

An organic SEO consultant can ultimately help you achieve higher rankings, gain more traffic, more conversions, more sales, and more revenue from your website.

Who Is The Best SEO Expert In Australia?

Ryan Chilton is one of Australia’s best SEO consultants with a range of experience working with businesses from all industries. Ryan’s formal education in Digital Marketing and his award-winning work experience makes him a highly sought-after SEO expert in Australia.

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