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Looking for a professional resume writer to help you develop an engaging resume? Having a strong and professional resume is essential when looking to get into the job market. On average recruiters only spend 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume. This makes it super important to have a concise and appealing resume that highlights the best skills and experiences you have. I can make sure through a professional resume critique that we tailor your resume to each specific position you apply for.

My experience working in a career development centre allowed me to gain knowledge and insight as to what employers look for from a resume that will create interest and give them all the information they need at first glance.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

– Einstein

Resume Critique

With a professional resume critique I will go over your existing resume and highlight areas to improve and what you need to add. As a result, we will improve the overall look and professionalism of your resume.

Resume Creation

Let me build and develop a professional looking resume from scratch. Your custom resume will be tailored specifically to your skills, experiences, and industry.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter can often be the first impression you give an employer, It can also be the deciding factor as to if they even look at your resume or not.

Need help with your cover letters? Let me give you the tips and tricks to writing a great cover letter to ensure you get more interviews.

Professional Resume Critique

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